Airport Pipeline and Vault Corrosion Prevention

Protect Airport Facilities, Jet Fuel Pipelines, Utility Vaults & more from Corrosion with Denso Tapes and Epoxy Coatings

Airport utility vault requiring corrosion protection. Airport utility vaults and the meters and valves in them are susceptible to corrosion. Jet fuel pipeline protected from corrosion with Denso Protal 7200. Jet fuel pipelines protected from corrosion with Denso’s Protal 7200 fast cure, high build pipeline coating.

Uses and Applications

Corrosion at airports can easily happen due to exposure to the environment, de-icing procedures, water exposure and more to jet fuel pipelines and underground utility vaults meters, fittings, valves and more. It is important to avoid costly repairs and downtime due to pipe leaks or failing utility shutdowns due to corrosion. Denso provides tapes and pipeline liquid coatings to protect against corrosion at airports.

Airport valves and meters protected with Denso Petrolatum Tape system.
Airport Facility pipelines coated with Denso Protal 7200.

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