Pipeline Girth Weld Corrosion Protection

Pipeline Weld Joint Protection with Proven Protal Corrosion Prevention Coatings

After hand or spray ring application, Protal 7200 exhibits outstanding “self-leveling” characteristics. Applying Protal 7125 at 50 mils for directional drill on 42" diameter pipe.

Uses and Applications

Girth welds hold together connecting pipes to help form long stretches of pipelines, yet these integral welds must be protected from corrosion to avoid pipeline failure and costly repairs. Unlike FBE, which requires expensive and heavy equipment, Protal Coatings only requires a brush or roller to apply. The costly risk of downtime due to equipment failure is eliminated. Denso manufactures a full line of Protal Pipeline Liquid Coatings that are considered the choice by owners, oil and gas engineers and contractors.

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